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Why I Believe In Chiropractic Care

By Paul Wahner

As with many of you I first visited a Chiropractor after hurting my back. As I got out of my car one morning I felt something ‘give’ in my back. This was the last time I was able to move pain free for about 2 weeks.
My first visit was similar to what you have or will experience with Dr. Barry. I arrived to find a relaxing office environment and experienced a comprehensive exam which included range of motion tests. My range of motion was severely limited as I was not able to stand upright at the time.
After being helped onto the adjusting table I was treated to moist heat on my entire spine. This is a very calming experience as my muscles were able to relax and I just enjoy the feeling of the heat. Sometimes I have taken a quick nap while in this position! Fortunately for me the doctor was able to provide relief during this first visit with some adjustments.
I continued the daily treatment for a couple of weeks and gradually increased my strength while the muscles adapted to their proper supporting position. It was very satisfying for me to be able to gauge my progress with sometimes small improvements like being able to walk to the bathroom instead of having to crawl on hands and knees. I had to resort to this crawl for the first few days as I just could not stand upright.
As some of you may know, I am an active cyclist. During these first couple of weeks I could not even lift my 21 lb. bicycle let alone go for a ride. You can imagine my joy at being able to once again enjoy a ride after only a few weeks of treatment! I gradually got my visits down to three, then two times per week ultimately going into the ‘wellness’ phase. For me this consists of weekly or biweekly adjustments. I could do less but I prefer to be at 100% efficiency as I am still very active in the cycling world. Plus, Barry is my brother after all!
Dr. Barry has been personally treating me for quite some time now. This consistency of care is a very important aspect of maintaining good spinal health. For me, he has always had a great ‘touch’. I have visited other chiropractors in my life but for my money, Barry has always had the greatest understanding of the proper adjustments for my body.
One other aspect of the chiropractic branch of medicine I really appreciate is the holistic approach to total body and health care. I personally do not believe in using prescription medications as I believe these drugs act as more of a ‘mask’ to the problem where chiropractic care is focused on correcting the cause of the problem. I much prefer spending my money on a steak dinner as opposed to some high priced temporary drug relief. Remember, everything we ingest has to be processed by our bodies so why add to that load with unnecessary medications?
Perhaps I have been fortunate in that my overall health has been very good. I do work hard at maintaining a decent diet and exercise program so I know it is not all luck! Chiropractic care has been a consistent component of my life and I firmly believe without this care I would not be the healthy active person I am today.

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