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If you have problems in your hips or pelvis, the usual treatment is:

 Anti –inflammatory medication and rest

The result is predictable:

Temporary reduction in symptoms and then symptom flare-up .







Can Chiropractic Help Reduce Hip Pain?

Hip pain is common among seniors, especially those who are vulnerable to hip fractures. As a person ages, the bones become brittle, balance is a problem and vision is weakened; these are all factors that lead to falls and broken hips. When this occurs, surgery may often be needed to replace damaged joint parts.

Unfortunately, it takes time to recover from a hip surgery. As soon as the patient is out of surgery, physical therapy must be started immediately to restore functioning and mobility. The physical therapist will work with the patient on how to do safe exercises to improve strength as well as outline precautions and expectations after the operation.

For those who are susceptible to osteoporosis (weak bones), preventative measures can be taken to prevent falls such as improved nutrition (calcium intake), fall-proofing homes and chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment can assist in relieving pain, balance training and the reeducation of the neuromuscular system. This hip fracture guide outlines treatments and tips for preventing hip injuries among the elderly.

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