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When Dr. Barry works with the Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team, there's no candy in sight. Just cyclists, helmets, and...

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Athletic Performance

January 2009 Update

Team Chiropractor for
CyclocrossWorld.com/Cannondale Pro Team

The 2008 professional cycling season ended for the road teams with the Tour of Missouri in mid September. It was a full season for me with the Jelly Belly Professional Cycling team as it included the three major tours in the United States plus the “Philly Week” of races. Including training camp I was on the road with the team for over 35 days.

Although the road racing season ended, my work with professional cyclists did not. This year I joined the CyclocrossWorld.com/Cannondale Pro Cyclocross Team as their Chiropractor. The opportunity to work with Jeremy Powers, Jamie Driscoll and reigning US Champion Tim Johnson was one I would not miss.

As the team’s Chiropractor I continued my travels to different races to be on hand to help improve our athlete’s performance, and to help them recover from the stress of racing or from injury. The cyclocross races may not be as long as road races, but they are intense! The physical demands on the spine, pelvis and hips are incredible as the riders must battle through all kinds of conditions and terrain (thick mud, deep sand, greasy turns, steep pitches) while mashing on the pedals and jumping off and on their bikes repetitively.

Working with the professional athletes is rewarding as I get to see the results of my work immediately in how the cyclists perform and recover. In my private practice I don’t have that same opportunity. After a treatment my patients leave to perform in their daily activities and I am not with them to watch. Aside from that though, the treatment I provide to professional athletes is not different from the treatment I provide my patients everyday in my office. That is what makes my office unique, the level of care we provide.

The CyclocrossWorld.com/Cannondale team enjoyed a highly successful season with multiple wins, podium placements and overall series championships. Jeremy Powers came to Philadelphia in October to take a second place at Granogue followed by a win at Wissahickon.

At the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross in Mercer County New Jersey, Tim Johnson had a great ride on the first day with a win on a tough muddy course over the best riders in the nation. Unfortunately he also crashed hard during the race injuring his knee. I did my best work on him but could not improve his injured knee enough and he could not start the next day. A huge disappointment for Tim and also for me; I take great pride in keeping my clients healthy and able to perform.

In the Hamptons of Long Island, New York I joined the team for the finale of the North American Cyclocross Trophy series. Jeremy had a strong weekend with a second place finish on day one. On day two he was riding at the front but had an untimely flat toward the end of the race and ended up with a fifth. Jamey Driscoll finished up strong on Sunday with a second place finish.

Mid December I traveled with the CyclocrossWorld.com/Cannondale team to Kansas City for the Elite National Championships. Tim Johnson was the reigning National Champion and Jeremy and Jamey both were coming off their best seasons so the goal was to keep the National Champion Jersey with the team. My job: Have the team healthy and sharp for the race.

In what was a tough and exciting race, Jamey Driscoll had his best career result in cyclocross with a second place finish behind a strong Ryan Trebon. Tim Johnson battled it out to take fifth place.

With that, my “season” as a cycling team chiropractor ended. 2008 was terrific for me in the cycling community. Thank you to Team Jelly Belly and Team CyclocrossWorld.com/Cannondale for the opportunity. The teams’ management and athletes were exceptional to work with. I enjoyed being a part of the team and playing a part in the team’s success and the athlete’s performance.

Dr. Barry


Summer 2008

Excerpt from Jeremy Powers' blog.
Jeremy is a winning member of Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team !

"Dr.Barry (Jelly Belly chiropractor) who is local to the Philly area came out and gave Tim J and I some work after Saturdays race.

Thank you Barry!

After we spent an honest 9 hours in the car on the way down to these two races, it was really nice to have Barry help us out, I felt a whole lot better after his work and Sundays race in Philly was awesome, my back felt great! And it showed!

Jeremy at the finish

If you're a reader / rider in the Philly area, look him up!

Today was the first day it was cold and raining out in MA. I train pretty good on Wednesdays so I was happy when the rain let up for a little while."

~ Jeremy










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