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When Dr. Barry works with the Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team, there's no candy in sight. Just cyclists, helmets, and...

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Beyond the Spine

With Dr. Wahner it is not just about spinal adjustments. Dr. Wahner’s care goes much further to help bring out your best performance. His skill with working on the extremity joints (hips, knees, feet, shoulders & wrists) is well known and respected.

Working on the joints to free up their motion is only part of Dr. Wahner’s care. Dr. Wahner is a skilled practitioner in myofascial work and muscle therapy. He is talented in finding the weak, tight or dysfunctional muscles and treating those problems so the muscles will contract and stretch to their full potential.

This all means that Dr. Wahner can identify your injured or chronically stressed muscles and joints, then help to restore balance, function and strength to your body so you can achieve your best performance. 



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