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Can Chiropractic help me?
Chiropractic care can benefit everyone on some level. It just depends on what a person’s specific health goal is. Fortunately not all Chiropractic offices are the same. You need to find the Chiropractor you resonate with and that you have confidence in. If you go to a Chiropractor (or any doctor) that you do not feel good about or who does not seem to serve you best, then find another Chiropractor (or doctor).

I know I still did not answer your question "Can Chiropractic help me?" The answer is "We have to find out." A Chiropractic evaluation and discussion of your health concerns and goals is needed to determine how Chiropractic can help.



What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the Art, Science and Philosophy of locating and correcting spinal subluxations (malpositioned or "stuck" spinal bones). These spinal subluxations will cause nerve irritation or pinching and thus interfere with your nerve system’s function.

Why is it important to correct subluxations?

When a spinal bone is subluxated (stuck) it can damage the nerve system. If the stuck bone pinches the nerve then the nerve activity is reduced, this is similar to having a circuit blown in your house. If the stuck bone irritates the nerve, the nerve activity is increased similar to when your radio is tuned in between two different stations where all you hear is static and a jumble of words and music. Either way a subluxation interferes with the normal messages and energy that needs to pass along those nerves.Your body requires the energy and information conducted through those nerves to keep all its organs and tissues functioning optimally. Less than 100% nerve flow means less than optimum health. By correcting a subluxation the interference is removed from the nerve system.

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Why is the nerve system so important?

The nerve system is the way your body communicates to all the muscles, tissues, and organs in your body. When the nerve system is interfered with, your body cannot work properly (Think about a person with a spinal cord injury or with multiple sclerosis. Are they able to function optimally? Do they have good health?) Damaged nerves to any organ, gland, muscle or body part will weaken that tissue and cause it to malfunction. This weakened and malfunctioning body part may break down and some of the tissue cells may die. The longer the subluxation and nerve damage exist, the more the tissue will weaken and die. This is why subluxations and their resultant nerve damage are so destructive to your health.



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