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How do I get rid of a spinal subluxation?
A Chiropractor will adjust (move) your subluxation (stuck bone) by pressing or pushing on the stuck bone. By moving the stuck bones the pressure on the nerve is released thus restoring clear communication between your brain and your body. This allows your body to function optimally.
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That is the BIG IDEA of chiropractic, to move (adjust) those stuck bones (subluxations). The only thing that moves those stuck bone is Chiropractic. No drugs, no acupuncture, no vitamins, no herb, no exercise, no physical therapy will move those stuck bones.

How do I know if I need to see a Chiropractor? Can my medical doctor tell me?

It takes someone skilled to examine the structures of your spine and body to determineDr.Teaching when you have subluxations. While medical doctors are very adept at studying illnesses and managing diseases, they have spent precious little time in understanding spinal mechanics. Because of this they are generally not able to accurately detect subluxations.Chiropractors on the other hand spend much of their 7-9 years of college education studying normal function of the spine and nerve system. We learn how to detect subluxations and how to correct them. We focus on health and wellness and vitality. Chiropractors are truly the leaders in the field of Health and Wellness.

Can Chiropractic work with children and seniors?

Absolutely! I always say that if you have a spine you should have it checked and cared for by a Chiropractor. Just as you see a dentist for as long as you have teeth, you should see a Chiropractor for as long as you have a spine. The key to adjusting and caring for different types of people of different ages is to use the precise amount of energy to move the stuck bone. The correct amount of pressure, at just the right spot, in the perfect direction, at just the right time is what gets the spine moving again. Chiropractic adjusting is an art, it takes years to learn and master it. Just about anyone can be adjusted. From newborns to seniors, and from the athlete to the failed spinal surgery patient, all may benefit. The key is to use skill and knowledge to tailor the care to each individual, the way I adjust an infant is very different from the way I would adjust an adult.

Will I always know if I have a subluxation?

The problem is that you can have subluxations and not know it. Just like tooth decay, high blood pressure or cancer, you may have a subluxation long before any warning signs appear. A chiropractic spinal check-up can determine the location and severity of any subluxation you may have.



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